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Week 13: Work Log- Nie

This report is regarding the work that I have done in the week from 11/28 to 12/02 and what I am working on for the next week in SLU tailgating organization.

In the past week I have already done the all the major task in our group. So I begin to develop my individual documentation project. Also, our group has done all the major tasks. We had a group meeting during the class. We summarized all the things we have done from the day one of the project. We discussed the details on organization postmortem. We could not finish it in the class. So we made a group appointment on next Tuesday to do the postmortem and prepare the formal group presentation.

The work I need to do in the upcoming week is to read the sample final documentation project and the sample individual documentation project. Start to summarize what I did in the group and provide it to the group for editing the final documentation project.

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