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Welcome to the course site for English 400: Business and Professional Writing, which is focused on Organizational Rhetoric and Writing. A lot of the course’s work will be done through this website. Students are asked to review the syllabus (pdf), the calendar, and the course communication guidelines (pdf). Other documents are available by selecting “Documents” from the top menu bar. I am your professor, Nathaniel Rivers, and I am looking forward to an engaging and productive semester.

Communicating with and within organizations is a crucial component of professional life no matter what shape that life takes or what directions that life moves in. Organizational rhetoric and writing can be defined as communication that motivates and structures values and behaviors within an organizational setting.

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Day 1

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Wednesday, August 31

  • Roster Check
  • Ice Breaker
  • Course Introduction
  • Join Course Site
  • Paper Plane Exercise
  • The Office, “Conflict Resolution”

Organizational Rhetoric Artifact: The Office, “Conflict Resolution”

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