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Management Profile and Job Ads

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Get ready for the ultimate Hookah experience in Saint Louis!!



Hookah, has been a part of many cultures for hundreds of years. It originated in the Asian sub-continent which is present day the border of Pakistan and India. In the early days the hookahs were very primitive, often made from a coconut shell and a tube attached, people mostly smoked opium and hashish. The hookah, or sheesha (glass) became extremely popular in Turkey where it was smoked in coffee shops. By this time people started smoking tobacco in hookah, hookahs were now being made from glass and brass tubes.


At present hookahs also known as shisha are extremely common throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and in countries such as Pakistan, India, Spain and the UK. There are many hookah bars in the United States as well. This industry is growing immensely in cities like Houston, Dallas, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and even Saint Louis. The main reason for growth in this business is the ethnic diversity of our great country.

My goal is to give the people of this city the ultimate hookah experience. I plan to open a hookah bar in the Central West End area of Saint Louis. The bar would have a wide selection of flavors of tobacco, as well as different types of hookahs that would be imported from various parts of the world. The décor will be traditional Middle Eastern with modern touches. We will also serve a variety of herbal teas, coffees, finger food, gourmet sandwiches, wraps and salads. Our bar would have a variety of foreign as well as local beer, wine and liquor.


My family moved to America in the late 70’s from Pakistan. I was born in Hartford, Connecticut. My family and I moved back to Pakistan when I was still young. I finished my early schooling as well as high school from Pakistan. My father is an entrepreneur who has a hotel as well as vacation homes in Pakistan. Growing up I spent a lot of time at our hotel, where I learnt a great deal about the hospitality sector. I moved back to the States a few years ago to continue my education and to eventually start a business here. I am a junior at Saint Louis University in the Business Entrepreneurship program. I plan to have this hookah bar open before my graduation. My plan is to make this hookah bar into a unique hangout spot for SLU students and others. My parents have always been supportive and there are willing to finance my venture.

The Project

There is a lot of work to be done! In the course of this semester I plan to have a detailed feasibility report of the hookah bar. The report would include details about the physical location of the bar, information about the lease agreement, and operating costs. Other aspects that would have to be researched would be the total investment required for the project such as; renovation, purchase of equipment, purchase of inventory, licensing expenses, insurance premiums as well as daily operating costs.

Competitive advantage

The area that I have in mind for the hookah bar is in the Central West End. The population of the area is about 14,000 people. The ideal locations would be the intersection of Maryland Plaza and North Euclid Avenue. There are a lot of nice bars and coffee shops around that area like Bar Italia, Bar Louie, Drunken Fish, Sub Zero, Coffee cartel and Starbucks. None of these locations serve hookah and that would give us a competitive edge. The combination of hookah, alcohol and good music will be a winning combination. Throughout the week there are a lot of people from all over the county that come to Central West End to have a good time and I feel that we can cater to their needs.

Job Ads

Primary Research Analyst

Are you someone who is good at gathering data? The hookah bar would require two primary research analysts. The Primary Research analyst will be someone who is good at gathering and interpreting data. The hookah bar will require a lot of research as it is an extremely competitive business. Our primary research department will be responsible for conduction research about the feasibility of the project in the short as well as long run. I feel that good research is the key to success.

Skills Required

  • Organized
  • Resourceful
  • Computer literate
  • Investigative
  • Determined
  • Persistent
  • Outgoing
  • Good with numbers

 Your Job Entails

  • Conducting research about the financial feasibility of the bar
  • Getting information about the cost of major equipment
  • Finding vendors for the equipment we will require
  • Researching about legal requirements and licensing

Secondary Research Analyst

Have you lived in Saint Louis for a long time? Do you have good sense of where all the popular bars are in Saint Louis? This job is for someone who can conduct research about what places are hip! The secondary research analyst will be responsible for conducting surveys of our potential customers. The analyst will also be responsible for researching about the budget that the average consumer is working with. For example how much money does the average person going to a bar in Central West End spends. The researcher will also be responsible for writing reports about his/her findings, as well as looking at the marketing aspect of the business.

Attributes you will need

  • Out going
  • Friendly
  • Social
  • Passionate
  • Marketing capability
  • Strong writing ability
  • Resourceful
  • Organized

Your Job Entails

  • Going to local bars and coffee shops to gather data
  • Make use of social networks such as to perform surveys
  • Visiting other hookah bars in Saint Louis
  • Conducting research about average spending of consumers
  • Initial marketing strategy

Interior Design Researcher

Being different and unique when it comes to business is extremely essential. We want someone who can construct the theme for our hookah bar. This job requires a vision which would look beyond what hookah bars in Saint Louis have to offer. The Interior Design Researcher will be responsible for the interior decoration of the bar. The researcher will also be responsible for finding suppliers of furniture and fixtures, as well as comparing prices of the equipment/supplies needed.  

Attributes you will need

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Risk taker
  • Some sort of interior decoration experience
  • An eye for color and class

Your Job Entails

  • The researcher will be responsible getting ideas for the interior decoration of the bar
  • Come up with the theme of the bar
  • Floor plan
  • Propose color schemes
  • Compare costs of materials required

Please Submit

  • A job application letter
  • Prior or current work experience (Optional)
  • Other related material that might qualify you for the position intended

Via email to before Friday September 23,2011.

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