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Khan, Weekly contribution, Nov 17- 30.

Date: December 1st 2011              

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Ali Khan

Subject: Individual weekly contribution


This weekly report highlights the contribution I personally made to the Hookah Bar organization during the time period of November 17th through December 1st 2011.

As Thanksgiving was during this week we did not have many tasks to accomplish. My major objective for this past week was to finalize the group’s feasibility report. I managed to make so improvements as well as additions to the actual report.

The Organization Postmortem and our feasibility report is due in a week so my main focus will be on completing the documents. During class I assigned the tasks to the group with everyone’s cooperation.  We all know what part of the document we have to complete. The group decided that we should have an additional team week on Tuesday just to have everything and every aspect of the presentation covered.

The following week will be challenging as a lot of assignments are due. I also will have to help the others in creating a new Power Point presentation for the group’s final presentation. I am very optimistic and I think everything will turn out just fine.


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