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Thom Hastings: Introduction

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Dear all,

My name is Thom Hastings. I am a Junior here at Saint Louis University studying Computer Science. I have studied, lived, or worked in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Writing and persuasion intricately affect the function of an organization. An organization, as a multiperson entity, is required to do internal and external communication. Employment, investing, sales, advertising, public relations, outreach, mission statement, manifesto, charter, constitution–all of these are part of the writing and persuasion that makes up an organization. Rhetoric affects the way we perceive reality, as communication is the pivot by which any goal is achieved. Whether that goal is entrepreneurial, extracurricular, or just interpersonal, a common language is necessary upon which to build rhetorical discourse. If reality is based on perception, and perception is based on the individual, then our only hope at finding truth lies between individuals and their attempts at sharing their perceptions, experiences with one another. No two people live the same life, and therefore no two people have the exact same perspective. Communication is the subtle art of using commonalities of experience and language to express an abstract idea. The Internet has created an international multilingual dialogue, and projects like Open Translation Tools are a reaction to this. Is there enough commonality of human experience to ensure translation of ideas across cultures?

How does this interact with privacy and user security? What about the computer systems of governments, corporations, banks, and other organizations? Computer security and cyber defense are at the forefront of technology at the dawn of the 21st century. That is why I am forming the Computer Security Club as a Chartered Student Organization at SLU.