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Weekly Contribution Willis- Week 13

Date: December 2nd, 2011

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Allie Willis

Subject: Individual weekly contribution

This post summarizes my personal contribution to STL Hookah Bar from November 18th through December 2nd. Along with posting the team work blog for the week, I took and posted the meeting minutes which detailed the final task list for team team member. These minutes are crucial because there is very little room for error and miscommunication, especially in this last week. I have been editing and finalizing the documents that comprise the feasibility report, one of our final deliverables. Specifically editing and finalizing the total investment document and location description. I’ve also been working with the rest of the group on the formal final powerpoint which has proven more difficult than I thought which we’ve realized is because the post mortem report has yet to be completed. I’m confident though that if all the group members finish their assigned tasks before our next group meeting where we’ll be collectively writing the post mortem.

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