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Importance of writing

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello all,

My name is Allie Willis and I’m a senior International Business major at SLU. In business and other organizations, how one portrays themselves is key to success and respect. Being able to write effectively allows oneself to communicate their knowledge, ideas, and opinions. If one can write effectively, they can sell their point of view to any audience they address and inevitably get what they want. Another important issue in writing is being able to adjust to who one is writing to, delegating tasks to subordinates or even peers would be written in a completely different style than writing to a boss figure.

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September 6, 2011 2 comments

My name is Alex Johnston and I am a finance major from Dallas, Texas.  I have taken a few english courses and am excited to get a different type of class that I feel is more suited toward my future.  I think the role of writing is very important in organizations.  Communication is crucial to any organization and to be able to clearly and efficiently share your knowledge and requests can cause the organization to be more effective and efficient.  If a person is able to share their ideas in a way that others understand easily, they can be implemented with everyone understanding why and how. Having people understand your ideas because of your writing can automatically make them more persuasive within the company.  That can help a person gain prominence in the organization and rise in their company or any organization they are in.  Writing can be a good tool to use in the workplace and can help an organization be more effective.

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