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STL Hookah Bar Team Work Log- Week 13

The following post summarizes group activity from November 18th through December 2nd.

Upon receiving the comments from our Midterm Report, the group met on Tuesday, November 22nd to discuss and allocate changes to be made for extra credit. The team’s current main focus is looking over all the elements that comprise the feasibility report including the Total Investment Plan, location aspects, and legalities. LiLu is adding the final touches to the marketing strategy and has compiled over 20 surveys from individuals around St. Louis in order to formulate our marketing plan. The promotional flyer has been roughly designed and will be continually updated and finalized by Thom until deliverables are presented on December 7th. Leohn has started using a program to create a blueprint for our interior design outline. For the blueprint, he’ll use the furniture that he’s previously decided on that fits into our budget. Ali and Allie will continue to finalize the feasibility report and the post-mortem. We have also started to create our powerpoint for our formal final presentation for next week. The team has scheduled a meeting for next week to collaborate efforts completing the post-mortem and power point presentation. The group continues to improve team building, organizational and time efficiency skills. We are all extremely pleased with how much progress we’ve made and how much valuable work has been completed and look forward to presenting our final project to the class.

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