Week 13: Individual Work Log – Kubik

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During the previous week of the SLU Tailgating Organization, I had a realitively slow week.  I did not have any major tasks that were pressing for me to complete.  Therefore, I took the time to begin a rough draft of our presentation to SLU.


This task started with me putting down a base powerpoint that we are going to use.  This will become very useful to our team moving forward because it gives us a base reference point for developing the presentation the way we all agree will work best.  The next thing I did was develop an outline for what our packet will look like.  This will help us more easily gather the documents that we need to implement into our packet and will eventually be able to serve as a start to the table of contents to the packet.


For next week, I will be finishing the final draft of the powerpoint and putting together the packet as a whole, I will also help work with the team to finish the Postmortem document.



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Week 13: Work Log – BHoffstetter

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The report below lists the work that I have completed and work ongoing for SLU tailgate in the weeks of 11/18 to 12/2.

This week and over the break my goal was start gathering documents and writing the individual documentation paper. This section is going to encompass all of my work for SLU Tailgate over the semester. With the completion of my last pitch letter I have completed all my tasks that I was assigned.  In the upcoming week SLU Tailgate is going to have a team meeting in which we will put together the final group project which is the project post mortem.  In addition to the report, the team will have to discuss the oral report about the organization and its status that is on Wednesday.  Most of my time left in the semester will be spent on the individual documentation project as that is the largest of the remaining assignments.

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Week 13: Work Log- Johnston

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This is my work log for the week of November 26th- November 2nd.  During this week I helped decide what type of presentation we are doing for the postmortem.  I did this by discussing what sort of attire the team should wear for the presentation, which was business casual.  This was chosen because we are a student organization and not a corporation so business casual, everyone agreed, was selected.  I, order to help with the packet that we are presenting to SLU I had to describe my involvement in selecting a charity and the advantages SLU will have by working with this charity and the relationship they can build.

There is also a powerpoint for the meeting with SLU which we began to discuss ideas and implement the bare materials needed to know that the packet will give greater detail to.  The second powerpoint that we discussed and are planning for next week is the one for the postmortem.  This one will be more informative but at the same time very similar in structure.  With the course winding down and much of our goals completed the individual communication report is primarily the main focus after next week.

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Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Nov 18th to Dec 2nd

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Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Nov 12th to Dec 2nd

Date:  Dec 2nd

To: Nathaniel Rivers, instructor

Subject: Individual Activity Report#7

This report summarized what I did in the passed two weeks.

Finally we the semester is going to be ended and the market strategy which I was woking on during the past couple weeks are going to be finalized. During the past 2 weeks I collected like 40 copies of surreys for the marketing search for the hookah bar, however the data reflects to run a hookah bar would be really risky, since they are lot of young people have strong willing against smoking, surely there are still a big market in St Louis, hope the report I did would actually help Ali to run his business in St Louis.

Hopefully I will pass the finalized marketing strategy plan and the functional plan to Thom, tonight or early tomorrow, so he can use for finalize flyer.

I do think we had a really good semester and worked well as a team. wish everyone luck in the final.

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Day 13

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Wednesday, November 30

  • Course Evaluations (15-20 minutes)
  • Team Work Day
  • Team Conferences
  • Discuss Organizational Postmortem
  • Discuss Individual Documentation Project

For Next Time

  • Post: Team and Individual Work Logs (Friday)
  • Due (Wednesday December 7): Organization Postmortems, Organization Outcomes, and Formal Presentations
  • Review: “The Keys to a Successful Postmortem”
  • Due (Friday, December 16): Individual Documentation Project: submit to both the instructor and to all team members.
  • Due (Monday, December 19): Collaboration Evaluation Forms: students will receive this form upon submitting their Individual Documentation Project.
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Week 12: Work Log- Nie

November 19, 2011 Leave a comment

This report is regarding the work that I have done in the week from 11/14 to 11/18and what I am working on for the next week in SLU tailgating organization.

What I have done in this week is the proofreading of the pitch letter for Pappy’s and also added some details on it. All the details are corresponding with what Pappy’s can provide us on tailgate. So with the detail we can plan the setup of tailgate better. I have also did research online about other tailgate events since we are the first tailgate organization in SLU which means we don’t have any  previous experience to refer. I have never been to any tailgate party so the researches really give me a sense about how it likes.

The work I need to do in the upcoming week is to continuous to work on the layout of tailgating event. The whole team is going to work on this together.

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Hastings, Work Log Nov 12-18

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Date: Nov 18, 2011

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Thom Hastings

Subject: Weekly Work Log

This work log summarizes the progress that I have made since November 12th toward completing the feasibility report and other team goals and deadlines such as the Midterm Project Report rewrite.

So far, our team has made solid and consistent progress. All of the elements of our final feasibility report have current working drafts. Furthermore, the team is preparing for oral reports and postmortems that will be assigned in the coming few weeks. One of the final elements to our feasibility report will be a marketing strategy, which will complement the total investment, interior design, as well as licensing and legal requirements.

I attended our team meeting at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 16th during which I turned in completed surveys to Li for use in his research for our team’s marketing strategy. Prior, I read the article on Institutional Critique provided via e-mail by Dr. Rivers. During class, also on November 16th, I learned how Organizational Rhetoric and Institutional Critique relate to the documentary “Freakonomics.” Upon getting our Midterm Project Report back, it became clear that a revision is necessary. The document had issues with template, organization, flow, and alignment.

We have arranged a team meeting for this upcoming Tuesday, November 22nd. We will meet during the afternoon as a team to collectively work on the necessary revision of our Midterm Project Report. By Wendsday, November 23rd we intend to submit a document that is more cohesive and aligned.