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Week 13: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

During week 13 of the SLU Tailgating Organization, the group, as a whole, prepared to get everything ready for the final presentation.  This included individual work from each team member.


Michael began to start a rough draft of the powerpoint and an outline of the packet.  These will serve as a starting point for the group to work together for the completion of the project.  Nie and Barret made sure everything was correct in their pitch letters and worked on creating an presentable way to show that the businesses were commited. This is help show that we have done work to SLU and that we are prepared in our presentation.  Alex, also, worked on creating a way to present our involvement with the humane society.  Brian made the finishing touches to his flyers and made sure everything looked exactly the way he wanted.  This will help show that we are an established organization that has a purpose.


For next week, the group will be working together to finish the presentation and packet for SLU.  We will also be finshing our Postmortem document and preparing our presentation to the class.


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Week 13: Individual Work Log – Kubik

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

During the previous week of the SLU Tailgating Organization, I had a realitively slow week.  I did not have any major tasks that were pressing for me to complete.  Therefore, I took the time to begin a rough draft of our presentation to SLU.


This task started with me putting down a base powerpoint that we are going to use.  This will become very useful to our team moving forward because it gives us a base reference point for developing the presentation the way we all agree will work best.  The next thing I did was develop an outline for what our packet will look like.  This will help us more easily gather the documents that we need to implement into our packet and will eventually be able to serve as a start to the table of contents to the packet.


For next week, I will be finishing the final draft of the powerpoint and putting together the packet as a whole, I will also help work with the team to finish the Postmortem document.



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Week 12: Individual Work Log – Kubik

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

For the 12 week of the SLU Organization Tailgate project, I concentrated on beginning to draft our final proposal to SLU.  I have begun to organization our documents and information each team member has gathered over the duration of our project and organizing the information in a way that will be beneficial to cerate our final draft.  I have taken all the proposals that we created for the local businesses and draw out some of the points that I believe are most important for us to concentrate on.  This will help us by allowing the group to see what I value as important information and will allow the group to have a starting point to rework the presentation to create one that we all agree coincides with what we, as a team, believe the presentation should look like.


My other main task for the week was beginning to make the corrections to our midterm report.  The report in and of itself was complete, but it lacked depth on some of the main points.  Therefore, I have begun to delve deeper into these points and more descriptively outline them in our document.


For next week, I will complete the necessary changes in our midterm report, which will allow our team to better our grade and have a greater understanding of what needs to be completed before the end of the semester.

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Week 12: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

During the 12th week of the SLU Organization Tailgating project, the team worked on further our communication with our local businesses and charities.


Barret and Nie kept up with their correspondences with Humphrey’s, Jimmy Johns, and Pappy’s.  They have been working to get exact details of what each business can provide for us so that we can effectively plan the tailgate.  This will help us gain a better knowledge of the mapping of the tailgate itself and allow us to finalize any other necessary items we may need to obtain.  Alex continued his contact with the Humane Society.  He worked with them to ensure that we could obtain a representative from the Humane Society, as well as, he is attempting to see if there is a possibility to get animals at the event.  This is help us greatly by appealing to people emotions and hopefully make them donate more money.  Brian worked on more flyers for the group to post around SLU’s campus.  These flyers are going to help get the word out about the tailgate and hopefully help us get a better turn out at the event.


The team worked extremely hard this week and everyone has been putting forth good effort to complete the project on time.  For next time, the team will continue to follow the task schedule and will revise the midterm report.

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Week 11: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

During this week, the SLU Tailgating Organization worked on a variety of jobs for our project.  The main team project that was completed was the Midterm Project Report.  This was a collaborative document created by the team in our meeting.  Everyone put in equal parts to the document and helped to contribute to the completed of the whole document.


On an individual basis, Nie and Barret finished all three of the business pitches that are individually designed for Humphrey’s, Pappy’s, and Jimmy Johns.  These will work great for us getting business commitments and for them to expand their writing ability.  Alex continued to work with the Humane Society and coordinate them for the event.  This is useful because the more involved we can get our charity the more legitimate it will make our group look for the final presentation.  Brian had a slight set back this week because his computer crashed, but he did manage to finalize his draft for the mock volunteer flyer, which will help us get more people around SLU involved in our group.  Michael worked on the Midterm Project Presentation and presented it to the class, as well as, maintained correspondence with the group to ensure everything got done.


For next week, we plan to have a better idea of how open to participating our businesses are and we will have the finalized flyers.  We will also being to put together our final presentation because it should be very time consuming to do the whole thing.

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Week 11: Individual Work Log – Kubik

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

During the week for the SLU Tailgating organization, I spent a great deal of time preparing the Midterm Project Report.  I worked collectively with the group in preparing the document for preparation.  We used a Google document while sitting together.  This really benefited our working style because we could all readily see what we were working on and we could all edit the document at the same time.  Once we had the base of our document done, which basically was everyone agreed upon the bulk of the content to be placed into the document, I took it upon myself to finish the document.


In order to finish the document for the group, I had to add certain parts and go through the document to ensure that the grammar and material in the document made sense.  I also had to add various parts to the document to ensure that it flowed correctly throughout the whole document.  Then to finish out the document I added intro and conclusions to the document and certain sections of the document, and then I formatted the document in the same fashion as the Organizational Plan document.


Upon completion of the document, I decided to make a powerpoint for the presentation that I was giving on behalf of the whole team to the class.  The powerpoint included pictures of various parts of our document and well as a map showing the placement of our tailgate.


For next week, I am going to work to ensure that all of our plans set out in our task schedule are completed by the team.


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Week 10: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

November 4, 2011 Leave a comment

The 10th week for the SLU Tailgating Organization was spent preparing to approach charities and local businesses.


Michael reconnected with some organizations around SLU to get a concrete number on the volunteers that we will have at our event, which will help us plan on how many more groups we need.  Alex finalized the charity we are going to work with and present it to the team during class to make sure everyone agreed.  He decided on the Humane Society of St. Louis, which is a great local charity and will help us finish our advertising.  Alex, also, approached the soccer team about working our event as volunteers, which will help us increase our number of volunteers.  Brian spent the majority of his week working on the design for the flyer for our event.  He showed the team his rough draft in class and will be working on finalizing the design for next week.  Brian, also, approached the swim team about volunteering at our event.  Barret and Nie finalized their pitches for local businesses.  Barret finished his pitch for Humphrey’s and Nie finished his for Pappy’s.  They both presented them to the team to make sure we all agreed they were good.  They both are going to work on sending out the pitches to the businesses in the upcoming week.


For next time, we set a meeting date to work on the midterm report and we will all be working on our individual tasks for the week.

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