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Weekly Contribution Willis- Week 13

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Date: December 2nd, 2011

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Allie Willis

Subject: Individual weekly contribution

This post summarizes my personal contribution to STL Hookah Bar from November 18th through December 2nd. Along with posting the team work blog for the week, I took and posted the meeting minutes which detailed the final task list for team team member. These minutes are crucial because there is very little room for error and miscommunication, especially in this last week. I have been editing and finalizing the documents that comprise the feasibility report, one of our final deliverables. Specifically editing and finalizing the total investment document and location description. I’ve also been working with the rest of the group on the formal final powerpoint which has proven more difficult than I thought which we’ve realized is because the post mortem report has yet to be completed. I’m confident though that if all the group members finish their assigned tasks before our next group meeting where we’ll be collectively writing the post mortem.

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STL Hookah Bar Team Work Log- Week 13

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The following post summarizes group activity from November 18th through December 2nd.

Upon receiving the comments from our Midterm Report, the group met on Tuesday, November 22nd to discuss and allocate changes to be made for extra credit. The team’s current main focus is looking over all the elements that comprise the feasibility report including the Total Investment Plan, location aspects, and legalities. LiLu is adding the final touches to the marketing strategy and has compiled over 20 surveys from individuals around St. Louis in order to formulate our marketing plan. The promotional flyer has been roughly designed and will be continually updated and finalized by Thom until deliverables are presented on December 7th. Leohn has started using a program to create a blueprint for our interior design outline. For the blueprint, he’ll use the furniture that he’s previously decided on that fits into our budget. Ali and Allie will continue to finalize the feasibility report and the post-mortem. We have also started to create our powerpoint for our formal final presentation for next week. The team has scheduled a meeting for next week to collaborate efforts completing the post-mortem and power point presentation. The group continues to improve team building, organizational and time efficiency skills. We are all extremely pleased with how much progress we’ve made and how much valuable work has been completed and look forward to presenting our final project to the class.

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Willis work log 11/3-11/9

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

This weekly report highlights the contribution I personally made to the Hookah Bar organization during the week of November 3rd through November 9th of 2011.
This week, the Midterm Report was due, indicating how much progress our group has made. I was responsible for the first level of the report before passing it off to Thom for completion. The level strategy helps each member of the group contribute to a diverse but unified document. The sections I was responsible for were tasks completed, group assessment, and marketing disadvantages. For the tasks completed section, I was able to draw from the meeting minutes I take and post each week on the team blog. This was so much easier than trying to recall it from memory alone. Meeting minutes have been the most influential lesson I’ve learned from the Team Writing textbook. The group assessment section was written from Ali, the group leader’s notes. The marketing disadvantage section was written from Li’s notes and includes both internal and external threats and disadvantages. For the Midterm report PowerPoint, I was responsible for presenting to the class our hookah bar’s final location and description and a brief explainination of the total investment document.
After Li wrote a marketing survey, I checked the grammar, organized and formatted the document. This document will be distributed by each group member to collect demographic data. This information will be vital to the group’s marketing strategy and marketing materials such as flyers.

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Week 9- Willis Work Log

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment

This post is a record of my contributions to the Hookah Bar project for week 9, from 10/21-10/28. My main contribution was again taking, organizing, and posting the meeting minutes to the group blog. These postings will enhance group communication and efficiency. The group can stay connected, everyone knows what is due and expected from them, and everyone knows the upcoming tasks that they can start thinking about. The meeting minutes have also proved effective to keeping group deadlines on track.

I also spent time this week researching properties. I composed a document with three prospective properties; two in Midtown and one in the Central West End. The way I comprised these documents allowed the group to compare properties by size, rent price by square foot, and neighborhood prospects.

This week the group is focused on starting the Total Investment document. I was responsible for level one of the document, the first of three layers. This leveled approach allows for coordination and independent thinking simultaneously. I wrote the outline and elaborated on the topics to the extent I could, then sent the document to Ali and Thom to further contribute to the document. The draft is set to be completed by the time of the Midterm Report.

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Hookah Bar Group Work Log Week 8

October 21, 2011 1 comment

This week our group was able to increase organization though meeting notes and minutes. Group members will be able to reference this material on our group blog. We have also decided to record meeting minutes for every group meeting to prevent time wasting and increase efficiency and consensus in the group. Having notes of the meetings will prevent forgetting important details and decisions.

The group decided on multiple members researching potential physical locations for the hookah bar to get a more complete survey of commercial properties in the Central West End, Midtown, and Tower Grove neighborhoods. The locations will be presented and based on rent price, size, and neighborhood aspects, the team will decide on a final location in our next group meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, October 26.

The rough draft of the marketing schedule is in progress. From his previous business experience, Li is writing the marketing schedule outline. In the next group meeting, team members will be assigned to research and elaborate  individual sections of the marketing schedule outline. The first draft on the marketing schedule should be completed by the project Midterm Review.

The team has organized documents by revising the organizational plan and Gantt Chart and removing obsolete drafts. The team is preparing for the next major document writing. The Total Investment report has been broken down into subtopics to be assigned at the next meeting. This draft should also be complete by the Midterm Report.

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Willis Work Log 10/14-10/21

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

For the week of 10/14 through 10/21, my main contribution to the group was recording the minutes in our group meeting on Wednesday, October 19th, organizing and posting them to our team blog. The minutes will serve to make more efficient use of our team meeting time and as a reference guide in the future. One of the group’s previous issues was low activity levels by group members because specific tasks and due dates hadn’t been decided and assigned. By organizing and posting the minutes to the blog, group members will be able to reference this information to know what is individually due and when. The ‘next steps’ section will give members an opportunity to start thinking ahead for upcoming assignments.

I have also been researching potential locations in the Central West End, Midtown, and Tower Grove neighborhoods. Finding multiple properties will allow the group to compare rent price and location aspects comparatively to decide on the most profitable and sustainable location. The locations will be presented in the next group meeting and hopefully our final location will be decided upon by the time of the Midterm project review.

I am also responsible this week for posting the group work log on the class blog. This group work log will demonstrate the progress of establishing the Hookah Bar.

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Importance of writing

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello all,

My name is Allie Willis and I’m a senior International Business major at SLU. In business and other organizations, how one portrays themselves is key to success and respect. Being able to write effectively allows oneself to communicate their knowledge, ideas, and opinions. If one can write effectively, they can sell their point of view to any audience they address and inevitably get what they want. Another important issue in writing is being able to adjust to who one is writing to, delegating tasks to subordinates or even peers would be written in a completely different style than writing to a boss figure.

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