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Week 12: Work Log- Nie

This report is regarding the work that I have done in the week from 11/14 to 11/18and what I am working on for the next week in SLU tailgating organization.

What I have done in this week is the proofreading of the pitch letter for Pappy’s and also added some details on it. All the details are corresponding with what Pappy’s can provide us on tailgate. So with the detail we can plan the setup of tailgate better. I have also did research online about other tailgate events since we are the first tailgate organization in SLU which means we don’t have any  previous experience to refer. I have never been to any tailgate party so the researches really give me a sense about how it likes.

The work I need to do in the upcoming week is to continuous to work on the layout of tailgating event. The whole team is going to work on this together.

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