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Week 12: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

During the 12th week of the SLU Organization Tailgating project, the team worked on further our communication with our local businesses and charities.


Barret and Nie kept up with their correspondences with Humphrey’s, Jimmy Johns, and Pappy’s.  They have been working to get exact details of what each business can provide for us so that we can effectively plan the tailgate.  This will help us gain a better knowledge of the mapping of the tailgate itself and allow us to finalize any other necessary items we may need to obtain.  Alex continued his contact with the Humane Society.  He worked with them to ensure that we could obtain a representative from the Humane Society, as well as, he is attempting to see if there is a possibility to get animals at the event.  This is help us greatly by appealing to people emotions and hopefully make them donate more money.  Brian worked on more flyers for the group to post around SLU’s campus.  These flyers are going to help get the word out about the tailgate and hopefully help us get a better turn out at the event.


The team worked extremely hard this week and everyone has been putting forth good effort to complete the project on time.  For next time, the team will continue to follow the task schedule and will revise the midterm report.

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