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Smith_Individual Work Log_Nov.14th-Nov.18th

Date: November 18th 2011.

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Leohn Smith, Hookah Bar

Subject: Weekly record of individual progress

This work log is for the week of November 14th to November 18th.

This week in the hookah bar organization, we met up at our regular meeting time and discussed the marketing survey. We didn’t get our 25 submissions from the whole group so we are going to postpone our deadline for the survey. I put the questions in a group message on Facebook last weekend to try to get submissions from some of my friends. Only three people responded back to me by Wednesday and only one actually answered all of the questions. I got some feedback about one question in particular, the household income. I talked to Li about it since he is in charge of the survey research. Instead of coming up with another question or changing the actual survey we decided that we can use the income question if people decide to answer it, if not we will not stress that part of the survey. Every school or job doesn’t ask about race or income, so I don’t think it will make or break the project. This Thanksgiving week I will take advantage of the holidays and get some family members to help out and give us some responses. I should have all of my five and maybe more by the end of this week. For next week I will collaborate with the group so we can edit our midterm project report. We have a lot to reconfigure as far as the structure of our document goes, so it should not be too much for us to come together and reproduce a cleaner report. We will be working on it together on GoogleDocs. We have a meeting on Tuesday at 3:30 to finish up our editing and proofread as a group before we turn in the document by Wednesday.

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