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Hastings, Work Log Nov 12-18

Date: Nov 18, 2011

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Thom Hastings

Subject: Weekly Work Log

This work log summarizes the progress that I have made since November 12th toward completing the feasibility report and other team goals and deadlines such as the Midterm Project Report rewrite.

So far, our team has made solid and consistent progress. All of the elements of our final feasibility report have current working drafts. Furthermore, the team is preparing for oral reports and postmortems that will be assigned in the coming few weeks. One of the final elements to our feasibility report will be a marketing strategy, which will complement the total investment, interior design, as well as licensing and legal requirements.

I attended our team meeting at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 16th during which I turned in completed surveys to Li for use in his research for our team’s marketing strategy. Prior, I read the article on Institutional Critique provided via e-mail by Dr. Rivers. During class, also on November 16th, I learned how Organizational Rhetoric and Institutional Critique relate to the documentary “Freakonomics.” Upon getting our Midterm Project Report back, it became clear that a revision is necessary. The document had issues with template, organization, flow, and alignment.

We have arranged a team meeting for this upcoming Tuesday, November 22nd. We will meet during the afternoon as a team to collectively work on the necessary revision of our Midterm Project Report. By Wendsday, November 23rd we intend to submit a document that is more cohesive and aligned.

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