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Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Nov 4th to Nov 11th week 5

Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Nov 4th to Nov 11th

Date:  Nov 11th

To: Nathaniel Rivers, instructor

Subject: Individual Activity Report#5

during this week what I was forcing on help ours to finish the middle term report, since I am responsible for the marketing strategy and have wrote a lot thing, so what I need was copy past them into the middle term report, and find my teammates to help me for the grammar correcting things, so I do not have to worry too much about my writing and is able to spend more time for research, I helped Leo to find those internal design materials from Alibaba.com which is a website provides Chinese manufacturing companies’ information about their products and prices, we talked to a couple sellers and used those information to made a draft of our budget plan.

In addition in order to finish the functional plan which is the second step for the marketing strategy used to determine the market demands and check if what we expects in the marketing strategy plan is applicable in  real situations, I developed a marketing survey. based on the marketing survey, we will have more detailed plan, like by what time will be best for give promotions to our customers, how much should we charge from our customers, where should be our major profit points, and which products should we keep low price in order to get more customers. So far everything is good in our group, hopefully we can get the feasibility report done before the thanksgiving.

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