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Willis work log 11/3-11/9

This weekly report highlights the contribution I personally made to the Hookah Bar organization during the week of November 3rd through November 9th of 2011.
This week, the Midterm Report was due, indicating how much progress our group has made. I was responsible for the first level of the report before passing it off to Thom for completion. The level strategy helps each member of the group contribute to a diverse but unified document. The sections I was responsible for were tasks completed, group assessment, and marketing disadvantages. For the tasks completed section, I was able to draw from the meeting minutes I take and post each week on the team blog. This was so much easier than trying to recall it from memory alone. Meeting minutes have been the most influential lesson I’ve learned from the Team Writing textbook. The group assessment section was written from Ali, the group leader’s notes. The marketing disadvantage section was written from Li’s notes and includes both internal and external threats and disadvantages. For the Midterm report PowerPoint, I was responsible for presenting to the class our hookah bar’s final location and description and a brief explainination of the total investment document.
After Li wrote a marketing survey, I checked the grammar, organized and formatted the document. This document will be distributed by each group member to collect demographic data. This information will be vital to the group’s marketing strategy and marketing materials such as flyers.

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