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Week 11: Work Log- Nie

This report is regarding the work that I have done in the week from 11/07 to 11/11 and what I am working on for the next week in SLU tailgating organization.

What we have done in this week mostly is teamwork on the project. On Tuesday our group had a meeting outside the class. We worked on the midterm project report and prepared the presentation together. We summarized what we had done so far. Everything is on track. We also rescheduled for the last month left. I finished the final pitch letter for Pappy’s and sent it to project manager. It got approved by the whole team, so we decided to use it. The pitches for three local businesses are one of our major rubrics, and also the charity. So we had done the half main part for the whole project, while the other half are to set up the layout of tailgating event and final pitch to SLU.

The work I need to do in the upcoming week is to start to work on the layout of tailgating event. Because we do not have experience on it, I will go online to do some research about tailgating first. The whole team is going to work on this together. We are going to share ideas on the next week.

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