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Week 11: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

During this week, the SLU Tailgating Organization worked on a variety of jobs for our project.  The main team project that was completed was the Midterm Project Report.  This was a collaborative document created by the team in our meeting.  Everyone put in equal parts to the document and helped to contribute to the completed of the whole document.


On an individual basis, Nie and Barret finished all three of the business pitches that are individually designed for Humphrey’s, Pappy’s, and Jimmy Johns.  These will work great for us getting business commitments and for them to expand their writing ability.  Alex continued to work with the Humane Society and coordinate them for the event.  This is useful because the more involved we can get our charity the more legitimate it will make our group look for the final presentation.  Brian had a slight set back this week because his computer crashed, but he did manage to finalize his draft for the mock volunteer flyer, which will help us get more people around SLU involved in our group.  Michael worked on the Midterm Project Presentation and presented it to the class, as well as, maintained correspondence with the group to ensure everything got done.


For next week, we plan to have a better idea of how open to participating our businesses are and we will have the finalized flyers.  We will also being to put together our final presentation because it should be very time consuming to do the whole thing.

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