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Week 11: Individual Work Log – Kubik

During the week for the SLU Tailgating organization, I spent a great deal of time preparing the Midterm Project Report.  I worked collectively with the group in preparing the document for preparation.  We used a Google document while sitting together.  This really benefited our working style because we could all readily see what we were working on and we could all edit the document at the same time.  Once we had the base of our document done, which basically was everyone agreed upon the bulk of the content to be placed into the document, I took it upon myself to finish the document.


In order to finish the document for the group, I had to add certain parts and go through the document to ensure that the grammar and material in the document made sense.  I also had to add various parts to the document to ensure that it flowed correctly throughout the whole document.  Then to finish out the document I added intro and conclusions to the document and certain sections of the document, and then I formatted the document in the same fashion as the Organizational Plan document.


Upon completion of the document, I decided to make a powerpoint for the presentation that I was giving on behalf of the whole team to the class.  The powerpoint included pictures of various parts of our document and well as a map showing the placement of our tailgate.


For next week, I am going to work to ensure that all of our plans set out in our task schedule are completed by the team.


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