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Smith_Individual Work Log_Nov.4th-Nov.11th

Date: November 11th 2011.

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Leohn Smith, Hookah Bar

Subject: Weekly record of individual progress

This work log is for the week of November 4th to November 11th.

This week in the hookah bar organization, we met up with all members multiple times which is something that we haven’t done with the project thus far. We had our midterm project report to turn in on Wednesday November 9th so I was assigned last week at the class meeting to pull together research from all of the interior design work I have been doing. I made some decisions about lighting and furniture and eventually had to downsize my portfolio of different pieces to the few essential products that the group thought were most important to have. I also had to consult with my team members when it came to producing an estimate for hardwood floor renovations. Allie told me that our feasibility plan had total renovation costs put down for $25,000 and I got an official estimate from Craftsmen’s Network that it should cost approximately $15,708. That leaves us a good amount left over to redo windows, awnings, and other miscellaneous touch ups. For next week I have to distribute Li’s survey to at least five of my friends so we can add it to the marketing strategy. We will meet up again around five on Wednesday as well.


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