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Week 10: Work Log- Nie

This report is regarding the work that I have done in the week from 10/31 to 11/04 and what I am working on for the next week in SLU tailgating organization.

On the schedule for this week I should continuous work on the local business pitch. In the class we had a brief group meeting. Project manger talked about the whole project progress and kept everyone on track. I also communicated with the other local business specialist in the organization on our business pitches. We wrote our own draft pitches in different format. So we decided to use the same format. The other business specialist sent me his draft and I changed my draft pitch as the same format as his. I finished up the last part of the draft which was the “hook”. Also my personal goal is to improve English skill. So I revised my draft again and again.

The work I need to do in the upcoming week is to finish the pitch, and also work with the group to write the Mid-Term Project Report. We are going to do that on next Tuesday. I also need to practice the presentation for my pitch and the mid-term team presentation.

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