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Week 10: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

The 10th week for the SLU Tailgating Organization was spent preparing to approach charities and local businesses.


Michael reconnected with some organizations around SLU to get a concrete number on the volunteers that we will have at our event, which will help us plan on how many more groups we need.  Alex finalized the charity we are going to work with and present it to the team during class to make sure everyone agreed.  He decided on the Humane Society of St. Louis, which is a great local charity and will help us finish our advertising.  Alex, also, approached the soccer team about working our event as volunteers, which will help us increase our number of volunteers.  Brian spent the majority of his week working on the design for the flyer for our event.  He showed the team his rough draft in class and will be working on finalizing the design for next week.  Brian, also, approached the swim team about volunteering at our event.  Barret and Nie finalized their pitches for local businesses.  Barret finished his pitch for Humphrey’s and Nie finished his for Pappy’s.  They both presented them to the team to make sure we all agreed they were good.  They both are going to work on sending out the pitches to the businesses in the upcoming week.


For next time, we set a meeting date to work on the midterm report and we will all be working on our individual tasks for the week.

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