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Week 10: Individual Work Log – Kubik

During week 10 for the SLU Tailgating organization, I spent a great deal of time reconnecting with organizations around SLU.  I talked to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity of SLU to confirm that they are willing to participate.  I, also, passed around a sign up sheet at their chapter to get a concrete number of people that are will to volunteer at our event.  This is a critical aspect of our organization because we need to have a clearly defined number of people to work at our events and the more commitments we can get the better our even will turn out.  Next, I talked to the SLU Water Polo team again and passed out a sign up sheet to further ensure clarity in our number of volunteers.


Another task I completed during this week was setting our tentative date for the event to take place.  Currently, I believe that the best game for us to do our tailgate on is Saturday, February 28th.  I decided that this day would be best because it is the last home game of the year and is a night game.  This will give us a full day for our tailgate to take place.  Also, the game is against Xavier, which is one of SLU’s biggest rivals, which will be beneficial because ideally that game will have a higher attendance rate and we will be able to draw a bigger croup to our event.


For next week I plan to work on the midterm document, as well as, check in with my team members to make sure all the correct correspondence has been sent out.

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