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Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Oct 28th to Nov 4th week 4

Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Oct 28th to Nov 4th

Date:  Nov 4th

To: Nathaniel Rivers, instructor

Subject: Individual Activity Report#4

During this week I was still working on my marketing strategy plan, I asked my marketing professor, Dr. Miller to look up the strategy plan, functional plan, and action plan. It looks like I was get totally wrong about how to make the action plan,and now I am trying to fix it, hopefully, I will get the paper done by tomorrow, I do think the paper will be really useful for both the midterm report and the feasibility report, since for the hookah bar, it is all about the marketing thing, how to make a balance of the 4Ps- Price, Place, Promotion, Product, and use the market mix to make the internal strength to match opportunity in the external environment to make, and reduce the weakness make it become a strength to avoid the external threats. I think our team will do a way better job than the other one, and we are all work really hard this week to get a prefect midterm report!!!

In addition I am also working on the internal and external environment analysis for my midterm report, since it is actually a part of the SWOT analysis, so it will be really easy for me to get it done

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