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Khan, Weekly Contribution, Week Oct 26th- Nov 2nd 2011.

Date: November 3rd 2011.

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Ali Khan

Subject: Weekly record of individual contribution

This weekly report highlights the contribution I personally made to the Hookah Bar organization during the week of October 26th through November 2nd 2011.

Our groups total investment plan was due this week. My main goal for this week was to help in the completion of the investment document. Allie and I allocated the funds between renovation, purchase of equipment, inventory, licensing expenses and insurance premiums. After the allocation we were able to construct an estimate of our total budget for the Hookah Bar.

The total investment numbers are an extremely important part of our Organizations feasibility report. The financial success of the Hookah Bar depends a great deal on how accurate our initial investment numbers. So far I feel that we have come very close to our projected investment.

I also coordinated the group meeting that was held on Wednesday at 5pm. The midterm project report is due next week. My goal for next week is to complete the report. There are two group meetings next week that I need to coordinate.

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