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Work Log: Week 9- Johnston

This is my work log from the week of October 21st through the 28th. Having finished the revisions of the organization document I have now focused on the emails that I will be sending out to the charities that I am interested in getting involved with.  The emails are basically pitches asking the charities if they would be interested in joining our tailgate organization and the benefits being involved with us can have for them.  I have come up with a hook and a way to establish my ethos as charity coordinator.  I have also identified competition and have put in a few specifics of the group in order for the charities to get a sense of what the tailgate will be about.  I still need to establish the market that will benefit the charities and the sustainability of our organization to make my pitch stronger.  These pitches will be sent out next week in order to meet my deadline of having a charity who id dedicating to get involved with out tailgating organization.

Also coming up in the next week is we must decide where to hold our tailgating event.  I have narrowed down my input to the top of the Compton garage in the southwest corner or at the northwest corner of the VIP parking lot.  Dates of goals are rapidly coming within the month of November and having my charity defined on time will allow me to help with other goals of the organization.

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