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Week 9: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

Week 9 for the Saint Louis University tailgating organization was a successful week.  The team, on the whole, spent the week getting prepared to go out and contact people around the community about our tailgate.

Alex spent the week gathering information on local charities and preparing draft emails to send out to the charities.  This will become a good asset to the team because it allows all of us to see what organization we are going to work with, as well as, it allowed for us to give Alex some feedback on his emails.  Barret and Nie also spend the week getting information on local businesses that would useful for us to work with and drafting their pitches to give to the businesses.  This allowed for us as a team to make group decisions on what businesses would be good for us to work with and for us to be able to help with the pitches.  Brain spent his week finalizing the design for our logo.  We selected the best logo for the team out of Brains drafts, which now allows us to establish credibility when sending emails and letters to businesses and charities.  Michael spent his week reworking the Organization Plan Document, which now allows us to have an established plan for our team and how we are are going to deal with things and our order for the coming future.

For next week, we are going to contact our preferred charities and businesses and begin to establish a relationship with them to help with our organization.

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