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Week 9: Individual Work Log – Kubik

During week 9 of our Saint Louis University Tailgating organization, I spent the majority of my time reviewing and revising our Organization Plan Document.  The document in and of itself was a complete document upon its initial creation, but that document did have some errors that needed to be revised.  Some of the sections of the document lacked introductions and therefore I had to create introductions for them during this week.  I also revised the layout of the document.  At first, I went with a very structural document that was surround with boxes and borders, btu upon reviewing the document it seemed more appropriate to take out the boxes and borders and allow the document to flow more freely and be less confined.


The rest of the week was spent making sure the team was up to date on everything that needed to completed.  This involved checking in with everyone and making sure that the tasks for the week were all completed for class on Wednesday.


For next week, I am going to reconnect with the organizations around SLU that I have already talked to.  When I talk to them I plan to get more specifics on the number of people they will be able to have volunteer.  I will also be contacting more groups to attempt to get more volunteers.

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