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Smith, Weekly Contribution, Week 19 to 26th

Date: October 28th 2011.

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Leohn Smith, Hookah Bar

Subject: Weekly record of individual contribution


This week my team met up for an hour before class and reported on all of our research findings for the week. I made a few decisions about what I want to do with color schemes and whatnot, but I plan next week to bring some ideas to the meeting for us to officially vote on. Since Ali found an official place for us this week I can now get started on finding out patio space and furniture for the inside. I found a pretty good company for us to order outdoor heaters from and we can probably get seating arrangements squared away using the same companies’ products. For next week our group is going to work on getting our budget together and figuring out how much money we really have available to spend on different things like supplies for the bar, alcohol and food expenses, interior decoration expenses, and renovation costs as well. I will have things together next week as far as what kind of colors we want, different supplies we can add to the interior, and menu design as well. Also at the meeting we all went through the final draft of the Organization Plan document that we edited for this week. After going through it and making some minor changes we submitted it via email before class. Next week we will have a better understanding of our finances and we plan to move forward with figuring out budget plans and expenses altogether.

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