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Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Oct 21th to Oct 28th week 3

Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Oct 21th to Oct 28th

Date:  Oct 21th

To: Nathaniel Rivers, instructor

Subject: Individual Activity Report#3

During this week I was keep on working on the strategy plan for my team, and I get most of it done already, and I am also start to create the draft of the functional plan to work for the marketing strategy plan. In addition I am also in charge of  the budget plan for hookah equipment, since I am the one who contact the factory in China which makes those hookah equipments in my hometown, it would be regard easier for me to do the negotiation than my teammates since I am Chinese, and  they offered me a really cheap price for buying those hookah equipment in large quantity. I do feel happy since I can contribute something for my team and my teammates are also offered they will take care of my polish my papers, since I am doing a lot of writing, so I will not have to worry about my writing issues that mush, and I do feel thankful of what the did to help me to make the class become easier for me. Possibly I will have the strategy plan done by the next Wednesday, hope it will be useful for my team.

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  1. November 2, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    Be sure to tag your work logs so that your teammates can more easily review them (and so that you can find them later).

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