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Work Log–Smith Oct.14-21

This report is in regards to the week of October 14th through October 21st in the hookah bar organization.


This week our group has been focused on gathering information for locations near theCentral West Endwhere we will be opening the hookah bar. I went down to check out the area and see exactly what the neighborhood vibe was like where we were looking to set up shop. My group members all mentioned the area around Coffee Cartel and Drunken Fish where there is a good amount of traffic for the local bars and restaurants and also where there could be a lot of potential ‘hookah smokers’. Getting a feel for the environment and a better clue of what the shop would look like, I went ahead and picked out a format for the menus we were hoping to create for the bar. I made a slideshow on the blog last week and the one I think fits best will be the “Mocambo” design just because it is not too fancy, its rather simple but it also has some subtle antique elegance to it, which would match the overall theme of the bar and its setting.


For next week I am probably going to be in touch with Thom and Ali to help out in finishing editing our groups Organization Plan document. I will also continue to gather information on locations, get started on interior design schemes, and begin creating the actual menus for the hookah bar which requires me to work in the Communication Lab in Xavier hall. So with fall break coming up I might not have a draft by the end of next week but we will see how it goes.

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