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Week 8: Work Log – Kubik

During the second full week of the SLU Tailgating organization, I made various efforts to obtain commitments from SLU organizations to volunteer at our events.


The first part of my week, I mainly focused on attempting to get volunteers from groups around SLU’s campus that I belong too.  I first approached my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  The fraternity as a whole decided that the organization would be a good service opportunity for us.  By having a Greek organization already backing our organization, it will allow us to have greater odds at getting other Greek organizations join our cause because of the nature of the Greek community at SLU.  Basically, the Greek community tends to work as a group, therefore already having one fraternity will give us better odds at getting others.  The next group I approached was the SLU Water Polo club.  They were also very open to the idea of volunteering for us.  This will also be a good group to align ourselves with because of the growing numbers they have had over the recent years and their willingness to do service around SLU.


The wrap up the week, I started to make adjustments to our Organizational document.  I have not completed the corrections and will be working towards that for our next class, as well as, working to try and find new organizations to volunteer at our events.

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