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Week 8: SLU Tailgate Team Work Log

During our second week for SLU Tailgate organization, our team spent most of the week doing research and gathering information for our various organizations we wish to align ourselves with.


Michael looked into various organizations around SLU’s campus to see who would be good groups to get to volunteer at our events.  He also approached groups that he was involved in, which will help us get our events off the group by having volunteers.  Brian spent his week working on designing the logo for our organization.  This will become very useful for our organization so we can be clearly defined and recognized around SLU’s campus.  Barret and Nie both worked on getting contact information for various local organizations. This will allow us to get initial contact with these businesses and introduce ourselves to them.  They also worked on a generic pitch to give to the business that will be a guide to individualize for each different company.  Alex worked on identifying local charities around SLU, which will allow us to narrow down our selection to pick the one we believe will benefit the most from our events.


Over the next week, we plan to continue our efforts to gather volunteers, work to contact local business, begin to narrow down our charities, and finalize our design for our logo.  We will also over the next week make our necessary corrections to Organizational Plan Document.



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