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Li Lu’s Work Blog from Oct 14th to Oct 21th

Li Lu’s Work Blog–from Oct 14th to Oct 21th

Date:  Oct 21th

To: Nathaniel Rivers, instructor

Subject: Individual Activity Report#2

This is the Second week for me to write an weekly work blog, however since this week is midterm week, me and my term did not do much things to achieve our team goal, however after Wednesday meeting, my idea about to write an an marking plan for our group is agreed by all my teammates, since we do think we need to wrote for this class, we need to have something to be hand in for this class. For the marketing plan based on what i learned will have three part strategy plan, function plan and  operation plan, and those three plan supported to be the instruction what the company should do in both long run and short run, it detailed the organizational plan, and also can be used to introduce the potential investors about what we our hookah be will do in the future, and for the community how much we will considering as as a part of the community and we take social responsibilities. I do think I can make a really good piece of marking plan for my team, and I have start to wrote a rough draft this afternoon, after I get all my exams done. I have finished adopt the code of ethics which was created by the American Marketing Association(AMA), and wrote first two steps of the strategy plan which are defined the mission and evaluate the internal and external environment, and choice the green marketing, sustainability and triple button line orientation as the hookah bar will be the basic idea of our team to run the business. I do think we can deliver you a really good piece of paper in the final by adding this marketing plan. I do enjoyed to be a part of my team, thank you.

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