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Khan, Weekly Contribution, Week 12-19th

Date: October 21, 2011

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Ali Khan, Hookah Bar

Subject: Weekly record of individual contribution

This weekly reports highlights the contribution I personally made to the Hookah Bar organization during the week of October 12th through the 19th of October 2011.

An important part of our Organization Plan Document was the Gant chart. The chart reminds our team about due dates and individual tasks. This week our teams’ goal was to organize the Gant chart and to assign responsibilities to the group members.

As the project manager it is my job to make sure every member of the Hookah Bar organization is aware of the progress being made by our team. During the week I went around the Central West End area trying to find a good location. I was lucky and I found a very good location. My next task is to forward this information to Allie and Li so they can get in touch with the realtors.

In addition I arranged a group meeting on the 19th of the this week at 5pm. We made the most of our time and the team made good progress. We managed to successfully assign duties to the members and everyone knows what they have to do.

My goal for next week is to make corrections to the Organization Plan Document that we got back in class on the 19th. Thom will be working with me on revising this document.

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