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Hookah Bar Group Work Log Week 8

This week our group was able to increase organization though meeting notes and minutes. Group members will be able to reference this material on our group blog. We have also decided to record meeting minutes for every group meeting to prevent time wasting and increase efficiency and consensus in the group. Having notes of the meetings will prevent forgetting important details and decisions.

The group decided on multiple members researching potential physical locations for the hookah bar to get a more complete survey of commercial properties in the Central West End, Midtown, and Tower Grove neighborhoods. The locations will be presented and based on rent price, size, and neighborhood aspects, the team will decide on a final location in our next group meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, October 26.

The rough draft of the marketing schedule is in progress. From his previous business experience, Li is writing the marketing schedule outline. In the next group meeting, team members will be assigned to research and elaborate  individual sections of the marketing schedule outline. The first draft on the marketing schedule should be completed by the project Midterm Review.

The team has organized documents by revising the organizational plan and Gantt Chart and removing obsolete drafts. The team is preparing for the next major document writing. The Total Investment report has been broken down into subtopics to be assigned at the next meeting. This draft should also be complete by the Midterm Report.

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