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Week 8: Work Log – Brasser

During this week, starting October 15th, I was in charge of coming up with our team logo.  This logo will be used has a watermark on our documents to add brand recognition.

While making the logo for SLU Tailgate I wanted to use a symbol that is recognized with SLU along with putting Saint Louis University Tailgate on it.  During this process I made a mix of about eight logos and then picked four from those eight to see what the group liked best.  After I figured out which the group like best I have been finalizing and trying to make the logo more appealing to the eye by centering everything and centralizing the colors.

Also I have started my lists for what information I want to put on the fliers I will be making for our team.  After I feel that I have all the information that I need for these fliers I will be making a general layout of the flyer before I add color and decorations.

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