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Team Blog: hookah bar from Oct 6th to Oct 14th

Team Blog: hookah bar from Oct 6th to Oct 14th

Date:  Oct 14th

To: Nathaniel Revers, instructor

Subject: Hookah bar Activity Report#1

Proved by: Li Lu,

The first activity report summarized activities accomplished by Hookah bar group from Oct 6th to Oct 15th.  Activities included decisions reached during meetings and progression towards group goals.

Our team’s major accomplishment was the completion of our Organization Plan.  Our team established measurable goals to give every individual in our team a visualization of what would be required to complete our team goal.  The second revision of our task lists established deadlines for each task, and dispersed individual responsibilities for those tasks.  Furthermore, we established guidelines of conduct for our team.  We chose majority rule as a method of conflict resolution, and in the instance of a missed deadline we initially send a reminder, and if there if no response after 24 hours, we proceed to contact the manger.  In addition, we require anyone with writing difficulties to request assistance from the writing center.

We have held two general meetings for the approval of the Organization Plan by the majority of the group.  We sign the job for next week, and one small meeting in which only required two people to review and sign their approval for the Organization Plan.

In addition, we also started to design the menu and right now we have made a couple mockups.

At this point, our team’s progression has been steady and we hope for an A on the midterm.  Thank you.

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