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Hastings, Work Log Oct 7-14

Date: October 14, 2011

To: Dr. Rivers

From: Thom Hastings, Hookah Bar

Subject: Weekly Work Log

Our team had two in person meetings to collaborate on our Organization Plan Document, one at 7:15 PM on Tuesday before class, and one circa 5:15 PM on Wednesday preceding class. These meetings allowed for face-to-face collaboration, and prior to the meetings we organized a layered collaboration schedule giving each of three team members a couple days to work on a Google Document before our team meetings. Google records revision history of these documents, so it is possible to track collaboration closely. We also began composing a straw document for our feasibility report. I wrote the majority of the Team Charter, as well as the entire Task List, which I then converted into our Gantt Chart. In addition, I edited Li’s writing on the Organization Plan and Straw Document. I communicated with Ali (via email) and Leohn (in person) about our team meetings and progress. As a team, we discussed and researched possible locations for the Hookah Bar, which I contributed to. There are a few open restaurant spaces in our target neighborhood, St. Louis’ Central West End. Furthermore, I did research into the legal requirements of running a hookah bar. For example, in order to smoke indoors less than 25% of total revenue must be from food sales. This means that selling alcohol and hookah must be a primary source of revenue in our final business model. Our team has learned that face-to-face collaboration holds people especially accountable and is a good way to get all team members involved.

  1. October 18, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    Thom: remember to provide a frame for the work log (a brief introduction and short conclusion). Please refer the sample work logs and the chapter on Activity Reports.

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