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Week 7: Work Log – Hoffstetter

The report below lists the work that I have completed and work that is ongoing for SLU Tailgate in the week of 10/7 to 10/14.

At the initial group meeting October 6, the individual sections of the organizational plan were assigned to all the group members.  The section I was assigned was to cover the parameters and goals of the organization.  I started working on this section by reviewing the notes of the initial meeting.  At the group meeting we were able to brainstorm the major goals that we wanted to accomplish by the end of the semester.  I then took these goals and expanded them.  Before writing the final draft I had to decide what format I should use.  At the meeting we had discussed using bullet points so the goals and parameters would be easily identifiable.   After finishing the final draft, I emailed it to Michael Kubik the project’s manager for his thoughts and final approval.

The goals and parameters section was only 100 words out of the 1000 of the organizational plan but it was one of the more important sections.  The list of goals and parameters provides a guideline for the group to follow and helps keep us on track.  Additionally, having a list of goals and parameters written out will help the group identify the overall feasibility of the tasks ahead.

I have also started looking at possible locations for the tailgate.  So far I have identified The Olive Garage, The Gonzaga lot, the field next to Ritter Hall and the Laclede Garage as possible locations.

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