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Week 7: Work Log – Brasser

In my first week, starting October 5th, working in SLU Tailgating Organization we split up our organizational plan document.  Also we split up our jobs for the rest of the semester.

In our organizational plan I was giving the job of describing our market clientele and our competitive advantage.  While doing the market clientele I wanted to cover over our primary and secondary clientele so that it was clear who we are trying to advertise for.  This is a big portion for me because I will be doing the advertising in our group so I wanted to make sure it was done right.  I also had to write up our competitive advantage which was straight forward because we are the first tailgating organization setting up for SLU so we have first mover advantage.

I have started to look into my tasks that need to be done for next week.  This task involves designing a logo for our organization.  I have found some trouble in making a logo that would be easy to have brand recognition in it but still be simple enough to not be to flashy.  I have centralized that I will be using a fleur-de-lis because it is part of SLU’s seal.  Also I think we can incorporate it with the pride of SLU athletics that we are trying to bring along following our university mission statement trying to bring a community together through our charity donations

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