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Day 5

Wednesday, September 28

  • Reading Quiz #1 [10 minutes]
  • Teamwork Discussion, Part 1 (ppt.) [45 minutes]
  • First Team Meeting (connect and plan) [10 minutes]
  • Teamwork Exercise: Silent Collaboration [45 minutes]
  • Announce Team Presentations on Online Collaboration Tools [10 minutes]
  • Discuss and Return Job Application Documents [5 minutes]

For Next Time

  • Post: I will post a short video of the Silent Team Writing Exercise. Comment (100 words) on the exercise in light of your experiences, the experiences of others, and the practices outlined in Team Writing. Post this comment by Friday, September 30.
  • Due: Application Project: E-mails and Online Correspondence. Each student, irrespective of their role, composes, catalogs, compiles, and submits (as .pdf file) all e-mail or online (blog) correspondence that they have throughout the Application Project. You need to be aware of organization (e.g. chronology, to/from), document design, and presentation so that your audience, purpose, and professional ethos is easily understandable by the instructor. Your correspondence with team members, regardless of the medium, should add to your rhetorical positioning for the project and assist in building your professional ethos as a potentially successful entrepreneur. Obviously, this type of communication requires rhetorical sophistication, as the audience and purpose for each instance of correspondence is different. Draft, edit, and present selectively and carefully. Due before class, Wednesday, October 5.
  • Research: Online Collaboration Tools (e.g., GoogleDocs, Wridea, Writeboard, Zoho, PBWorks). Presentations to be given in class on Wednesday, October 5.
  • Read and Review: Organization Plan Assignment Prompt and TCT, CH. 8
  • Prepare: Organization Plan (Due Oct. 12)
  • Revisit: TW, Ch. 1-4
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